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Basic information from miRBase
hairpin accession number: MI0005495
Located between position 69084913 and 69084992 on chromosome 7 strand -
Overlapping with sense strand of A330076H08Rik-202 (intron 4).
(Ensemble: ENSMUST00000137237)
mature miRNAs for MI0005495:
         mmu-miR-344* (MIMAT0017038): AGTCAGGCTCCTGGCTAGATTCCAGG
         mmu-miR-344 (MIMAT0000593): TGATCTAGCCAAAGCCTGACTGT
You can find this miRNA in MGI: Mir344-2 (accession: 3718513)

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This microRNA is imprinted (based on ncRNAimprinted database)