miRNEST 2.0: an integrative microRNA resource miRNEST 2.0, an integrative microRNA resource

miRNEST is an integrative collection of animal, plant and virus microRNA data.

The database provides you with:

a)  microRNAs from our high-throughput predictions as well as from external databases
b)  predicted targets for plant candidates and experimental target support
c)  integrated data from 15 external databases, which includes e.g. sequences, polymorphism, expression, promoters.
d) mirtrons, miRNA gene structures, degradome data and more! 

miRNEST is being gradually developed to create an integrative resource of miRNA-associated data. The data comes from our computational predictions (new miRNAs, targets, mirtrons, miRNA gene structures) as well as from other databases and publications.

In current version, miRNEST 2.0, it contains miRNAs from 522 animal and plant species and 22 viruses.
What's new in miRNEST 2.0?

Any questions or comments? Email miszcz@amu.edu.pl

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