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Basic information from miRBase
hairpin accession number: MI0010544
Located between position 11671598 and 11671862 on chromosome MtChr2 strand -
mature miRNAs for MI0010544:
         mtr-miR2087 (MIMAT0010036): GAAGTAAAGAACCGGCTGCAG
         mtr-miR2087* (MIMAT0010037): CTGCAGTCGGTTTCTTACTTC

[1]Szittya G, Moxon S, Santos DM, Jing R, Fevereiro MP, Moulton V, Dalmay T, BMC Genomics. 9:593(2008)., "High-throughput sequencing of Medicago truncatula short RNAs identifies eight new miRNA families"